retro russian diligence

a freak snow storm hit jerusalem today. in two weeks the bathing season officially begins and here we’re having hail and snow in mid-march. quite unusual! but the weather does offer its photo opportunities.


russian diligence, march 2007

this image and others available as prints here

this image shouted at me asking for contrasty black and white. i feel a lot for it. i feel the man’s diligence and his determination to get his job done in spite of the harsh weather. his cap reminds me of russian characters in movies a few decades back. i think the retro look and feel compliment the decision to go for b&w. what do you think?




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3 responses to “retro russian diligence

  1. of course you know you shame me in your many posts. i feel bad for taking a month off. however, it’s really great to see so much activity from you.

    now i must take this “motivation” you bring to blog land and get busy.


  2. nir

    thanks johno!

    do get busy! i love to read the things you write!

  3. jdbblogs

    Hey Nir.

    Nice picture you got there, and a “freak show” indeed, I mean, snow?! Where did that come from?

    Anyway, I bought a new camera last Saturday, and I am way too happy with it although it isn’t the best camera I could get, but in my opinion it’s good for now, and later on I’ll advance. I will sure be glad to get some of your feedback since I get a lot of inspiration of your work.

    So as I said, a new camera, new photos, therefore I am just practicing to get to know it. so make sure you check it out on:

    Thanks in advance Nir, say hi to Tamar from me.


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