public transportation security

quoting from my own a lovely beginning … and then the end: “recently i’ve been following several online discussions that have to do with restrictions on photographers. it seems that more and more photographic content is becoming off limits for commercial use; the louvre exterior, the lighting of the eiffel tower, municipal buildings ‘belonging’ to the city of london, n.y. subway and many other locations. that’s where editorial photo-journalistic photography has an advantage.”

for editorial use, as opposed to commercial  use (such as advertising), many of these subjects are indeed allowed. still, many locations, even public locations, try to ban photography using all kinds of strange excuses.

not too long ago i was hounded by jerusalem central bus station security personnel. i was shooting, in a documentary sense, the security procedures around the buses in the public street. the security guys weren’t happy and they rudely told me it was against their internal regulations. only thing is since i’m not an employee of their’s i could care less about their internal regulations (and they didn’t ask nicely either). they had a hard time understanding this. i invited them to call the police and went on shooting.

but, i do have to admit, the security people’s concerns are certainly understandable. their job is not one i would wish to do and seems almost impossible. one event, to which i was a witness of the outcome, took place on sunday, may 18, 2003, when seven people were killed and 20 wounded in a suicide bombing on egged bus no. 6 near french hill in jerusalem. hamas claimed responsibility for the attack.

an israel police bomb squad expert searches for debris following the may 18th suicide attack.

the seven victims were olga brenner, yitzhak moyal, nelly perov, ghalab tawil, marina tsahivershvili, shimon ustinsky and roni israeli.



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