watching her grow up

my baby is growing up and she’s no longer a baby. as a matter of fact we recently reserved the tzipori pool in the jerusalem forest and catering for her bat-mitzvah. that means hila will soon be twelve. difficult to comprehend! it seems like only yesterday she would keep me up until the small hours after midnight, refusing to fall asleep in bed, only in my arms.

she’s become a unique individual, on the verge of adulthood, already engaged in the ‘white water rapids’ of adolescence.

hila shares with me the responsibilities of caring for tasha. it’s not that the others in the family don’t help, but hila does it with her heart and is driven by her sense of responsibility, her love for tasha and her desire to help me.

i believe reaching an ultimate understanding of good parenting is achievable only when you are able to accept your children, exactly as they are. i’m sure i still have a long way to go but i try hard to accept my children, to share their interests, their feelings, to listen … and to hear. it’s often frustrating and i sometimes fail but i consider fatherhood my career and most important role in life. there’s a lot of ‘on the job training’ involved and you my children, are my best instructors.



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