i’m going to do a quick review of my favorite photo sharing site. actually it’s much more than that. it’s a whole platform of services for commercially distributing fine quality photo prints, as well as licensing rf images (royalty free), photo storage and archiving, posting photos in blogs and forums,  and of course sharing with family and friends. it also serves as my showcase, my display window, if you like. it offers everything a photographer needs in today’s world of electronic commerce and distribution.

what am i talking about? smugmug of course!

recognized by pc magazine, the wall street journal and usa today, smugmug offers three types of accounts;

  1. standard ($39.95/year)
  2. power ($59.95/year)
  3. professional ($149.95/year)

all three account types offer unlimited storage, no ads or spam and gorgeous gallery templates.  photos are secured with copies in three different usa states. guests are not required to register to view the images you want them to see. real people respond quickly to email support questions and requests (and they’re wonderful about it!). password protected galleries enable you to decide who sees what and you can track your traffic to each individual gallery you create.  

i’ve had a professional account for almost three years and have enjoyed every aspect of it (have you checked out my site lately?)! a pro account enables using your own host-name, use of embedded iptc data, unlimited storage, unlimited traffic, your own search, selling quality prints at 85% of the markup, rf licensing and much more. the smugmug team are true professionals modifying and improving all the time. they’re friendly, they listen and they hear (not trivial). after the initial setup all you have to do is shoot, post-process and upload. smugmug takes care of the rest! photo buyers have been extremely happy with the quality of the prints they ordered as well as the service. i have not had a single complaint and smugmug offers a reprint or refund within 30 days of purchase if your customer is for some reason unsatisfied.

there’s a 14 day free trial period and 9 out of 10 are happy and stay. give it a try! i highly recommend smugmug!

oh, and if you do … enter my coupon code (XeTM35tH9RHqE) or my email in the ’email/coupon’ field on the sign-up form and get a $5 discount on your subscription!





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5 responses to “smugmug

  1. I agree completely about SmugMug, I have a pro account there too. They are very friendly and amazingly competent.

  2. nir

    and a beautiful site it is steve! something about bikes … 🙂

  3. Family Resource

    i have a standard account. Although i am amateur photographer, i like the viewing experience with smugmug. I don’t like ads and spam. After one year with smugmug, will continue with it.


  4. nir

    great norman! happy you’re happy!

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