saturday morning with the guys … and a girl too

the internet is a wonderful meeting place. over the past decade i have made friends and contacts from all over the world. some of these friendships have blossomed into meetings face to face. such was this saturday.

some men do golf, some do hunting or fishing, we do photography. my online friends gathered this saturday morning from all over the country to do photography together. to shake hands instead of exchanging emails, to have coffee together instead of private forum messages and to shoot a beautiful young model. ah yes! that was the catch! how else could we get everyone out of bed early saturday morning?

there were nine of us all together and we had a great time! it was really great to see faces instead of avatars, to talk photography, to talk about our personal lives and to get to know everyone more intimately.

the model was experienced, worked well and had a beautiful smile (not to mention the rest of her). photos are available for viewing and purchasing but you’ll have to send me an email for a link.

so what is it about a naked woman’s body that has intrigued artists since the beginning of time? my daughters asked me this question and i found it difficult to answer. but thinking about it now, i have a feeling, that even my daughters already have an idea. maybe still vague and fuzzy but it’s there. it’s the seed of their future relationships in life. it’s a promise of future generations. it’s a power they will learn to tame and use. when they do become seasoned in that female art, that’s when i’ll have to get a big stick and stand guard outside the door 🙂




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3 responses to “saturday morning with the guys … and a girl too

  1. nir

    just to prove my point “what is it about a naked woman’s body…” – this post has drawn four times as many visitors in its first day than my daily average.

    something to think about

  2. buzzback

    Any post with the tags nude, breast, and sex get 10 – 20 times more visits….Nice pictures and cool story about getting together with your online pals doing something you all enjoy….

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