drawing the curtains … the show’s over

and what a show it was!

it all began in november 2005 i began the project “in spite of!”  at a hostel for young women in distress. i photographed in the hostel for about 6 months and exhibited at the jerusalem theater in august and september 2006.  we were even honored with a visit by israel’s first lady, mrs. gilah katzav. there were two radio interviews along the way, a mention in one of the national newspapers and a lot of excitement. i escorted one of the girls the day she was drafted to the idf and did the photography at the grand opening of another’s solo art exhibition.

this week i received the printed catalogs/albums of the project and those exciting six months (printed thanks to a gracious donation by mrs. gilah katzav).

over the last few months a school of theater (acting) opened in the hostel wine cellar. the teachers are hired by the hostel. the students are socially-marginal youth sponsored by government agencies. the girls at the hostel run the logistics behind the school – a beautiful setup!

tuesday i was invited to the grand opening. i arrived early to meet the girls and to present each of them with her own copy of the catalog/album. i was greeted with hugs and kisses and they were all very excited about the albums. i too was very excited to see them again!

the guest of honor at the grand opening was prof. yuli tamir, minister of education.

the young actors put on a wonderful show! but like every show, finally, the curtain is drawn. the show i participated in at the hostel lasted for just a little over a year. it was a wonderful experience but it has now come to end. i feel i have fulfilled everything i had intended to. i received so much from these dear young women and i hope i was also able to give. i wish them success in life, happiness and satisfaction!





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2 responses to “drawing the curtains … the show’s over

  1. Frans

    Hey Nir….if you think the show is over, forget it. “The Show” might be over, but with the printing of the catalogs/albums a whole new “show” will begin and you’ll have very little influence (if any) as to the direction of this success. So my friend…..prepare yourself for some busy times, book signing functions, speaking engagements, maybe even being asked to take more photographs, who knows. So…in view of this very busy schedule that you’ll get, do you think I could set up a meeting sometime in the next year…:-)
    And even though I’ll have to wait for the “show” to tour Europe at least now I can buy the catalog.

  2. nir

    hi frans! thanks for commenting!

    did get 1 phone call today, from the minister’s personal aid. she wants copies of the group photo for pr.

    it probably won’t be available for sale. it’s really just a memento for the girls.

    have a great weekend!

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