i told you she was amazing!

do you remember i said she was amazing?

well yesterday i received the news – a donation of 10,000nis (about $2,250) from the president’s fund. that’s THE president’s fund, the president of the state of israel!

israel’s first lady, mrs. gilah katzav, once again demonstrating the compassion she showed when visiting my exhibition, has made it possible to print a catalog of the exhibition. i plan on starting right away and including photos from the duration of the project, that will serve as a personal memento for each of the girls in the hostel. something that will remain with them for life. some of these girls have absolutely no childhood photos – they had no one to take care of this for them.

a very special thank you is due to tziona rosental, mrs. katzav’s personal assistant, for keeping in touch over the past few weeks and doing her part in making this possible. thank you tziona!



17-feb-2007 – here they are:



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5 responses to “i told you she was amazing!

  1. Frans

    Congratulations ! Nir.
    So when does the exhibition come to European cities?

  2. Congratz Niralon!
    You must truly be amazing 😀

  3. You’re AWESOME! Go ahead and try to tell me you’re not respected among the elders and the city gates. I won’t believe it. PERIOD.

    I hope to be a part of something as good as this someday.

    Congratulations “Respected” friend.

  4. Herbesse

    Will this make my First lady stocks on trendio rise? http://www.trendio.com/word.php?language=en&wordid=2032

  5. nir

    thanks all for commenting!

    frans, i’ll let you know 😉 but don’t hold your breath.

    johnathan, come on! with your worth with youth, in uganda, after katarina, and about a million other things i don’t know of, you are indeed a part of many great things my friend!

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