i’m a dad

“Spend lots of time with your children! Have them near you day and night and love them. And let yourself be loved in those wonderful years that will never return!”  – Leopold Schefer



to my dear children,

although life has greyed my hair and i am far from the boy of 24 who first became a dad, the love i have for you has only deepened with age. as i look back in time, remembering each of you from the moment of birth, i see my love for you was not wasted. you are all wonderful individuals, each a reflection of my heart. 

i cannot say i have no regrets or that “i wish i could…” has never crossed my mind but my intentions were always good and i tried to do the best i could. i hope that no matter on what twisting road life will take you always remember i am there for you. please, don’t hesitate for a moment to say “dad, i need you”. seek me out. i’ll be there for you. i’ll try not to judge. i will always forgive. that’s what i do, i’m a dad.

i love you dearly, 




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