she’s 16, she’s beautiful and she’s mine!

the most difficult moment is parting at the entrance to the operating room. hoping for the best, terrified of the worst. desperately tried to show confidence but found it impossible to hold back the tears. i couldn’t find words … only “i love you princess” with a hug and a kiss. she’s my baby, my princess, she’s in mortal danger and i can’t do anything about it.

friday night, after midnight, tamar called; “dad. i need you, i need an ambulance” she cried. my heart fell, but i was out the door. i arrived on my motorbike, in the rain, through three red lights, before the paramedics loaded her on the ambulance. we rode together. tamar was in pain. i wished i could take her pain.

out of o.r. – it’s difficult to describe the relief of seeing tamar awake. semi-conscious and confused, but awake! i pray tamar will not suffer permanent damage that could leave her scarred for life, physically and emotionally.  we have a long way ahead. 




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8 responses to “she’s 16, she’s beautiful and she’s mine!

  1. Nir, I am sorry to hear of this bad news. My heart skipped a beat. I’m glad to hear she was able to call you. I may have never told you, but my sister was in a horrible motorbike accident when she was 15… she was in a coma for 8 months and is now very disabled. I feel that moment again now.

    Lord, thank you for the life in Tamar and protecting her and bringing her home to be with family.

    If I could only be there to offer comfort and support. If there is anything I can do from here, beyond pray, let me know.

    Peace to you.

  2. My deepest prayers are with you! I pray your daughter recovers fully, and that her angels surround her and guide her through this time.

  3. nir

    johnathan and beautifulnexttime,

    many thanks for your thoughts and kind words!

  4. jdbblogs

    Hey! Really sorry to hear that!
    שתרגיש טוב והחלמה מהירה


  5. nir

    thanks dor! i’ll tell tamar you said “hi!”.

  6. nir

    hi billy and thanks! your welcome to come back and visit often! oh, and have you checked out my galleries at

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