a window into the soul

they say the eyes are a window into the soul. i agree. but what about the hands?

sculpture and artist dani grossman made an observation a few weeks ago. he told me i have a ‘thing’ for hands.

one of my favorite photos (also used in my blog banner);

 yup, hands!

 and coming to think about it, yes, i have many more photos of hands;

so what is it about hands? dani grossman’s remark has made me put a lot of thought into my photography of hands. i think hands reflect character. they hint about their owner – his actions, his trade, his talent, his state of mind,

perhaps what draws me to create photographs of hands has to do with the ability of photography to capture fragments and detail. to allow these fragments to express an idea as a whole, the details to hint to a bigger picture. not showing everything, just hinting – allowing each individual viewer’s imagination to fill in the missing parts. like solving a puzzle,  like reading a mystery novel, like seeing a beautiful woman, dressed ever so lightly…

big hands, small hands (remember dr. seuss?) …

dani grossman’s hands:

and leonardo’s hands:

                           (da vinci)

so if eyes are considered a window into the soul, perhaps hands are a door into the heart.

<mental note> i have to keep this in the forefront of my consciousness and start doing portraits of hands deliberately! 

hands have a lot to say, but should i also be giving thought to feet?




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