three mothers

what is it that makes family sagas such a successful genre? is it our nosiness? a yearning to peek into the lives of others? to learn all the intimate details?


Ethiopian Jewish “Sigd” celebration, Jerusalem December 2005


or could it be a passion to look into the souls of others? to gain an insight into feelings and thoughts? i think this is what led me to so enjoy a movie dorit and i saw last night, “three mothers“, by dina zvi riklis. a family saga of three sisters spanning 60 years.


“Whatching the World Whiz By”

Awarded Photo of The Day on Kodak ( and displayed in Times Square N.Y. on July 20, 2005


i think this is also what leads me to so enjoy photojournalism – a passion to look into the souls of others. to see beyond a face, behind a pair of eyes. to discover the thoughts and feelings behind a smile or a frown. to tell a story in one frame. to do all this with a camera and enable the viewer to discover what i have discovered, to feel what i felt. not an easy photographic aspiration, but when successful, very very rewarding!




and you know, the viewer doesn’t always have to see exactly what i have seen. i am very satisfied when the viewer is moved enough by one of my photos to feel as though he knows my intent, as though he does indeed share my insights, even if he is way off. it’s enough to know that my photo has provoked thoughts and feelings, that it has touched someone’s heart.


elijah the prophet, jerusalem, march 2002






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2 responses to “three mothers

  1. jdbblogs

    Hey again!
    I came to your site recently and saw your photos you posted on this topic. I really love the kids one, shows a lot of interest of the people around us, what they think and what they do. I love how you can make up a whole story out of that picture, amazing photo. I also like that Old Old Grandpa one, very nice photo and awsome quality.

    Nice work overall, and I would sure love to see more of your photos, new ones of course.


  2. nir

    hi dor and thanks!
    the old man, ‘elijah the prophet’, was shot friday at noon. he’s on his way home after buying a bread roll and a bottle of wine for shabbat.
    and the asian kids – they were literally in awe watching black robed armenian priests in celebration at the church of the holy sepulcher.
    by the way, dor, go see the movie ‘three mothers’. it’s very good!

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