one more publication!

november / december 2006 edition of “the world of photography and video”, published by the israeli association of photographers and cinematographers, has published my project “in spite of!“.

5 pages, 10 photos!

the full project can be viewed HERE 




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6 responses to “one more publication!

  1. Congrats Nir.
    Any idea if you will be displaying the photos in Europe in the near future?

  2. nir

    hello frans!
    didn’t realize you were visiting here once in a while. i am happy you are!
    europe? haven’t had any offers yet 😦 but i promise to let you know!

  3. jdbblogs

    Hey Nir, Great Work and Congrats!
    If you dont know me, I am Tamar’s Friend and I guess she showed you my photography stuff as well. I am really liking your photography and I guess I am just going to learn from that. Thanks in advance and Great Work


  4. nir

    shalom dor!
    thanks for your comment!
    yes, i have seen your online work. you have certainly mastered the technical side of photography and use it to create beautiful images. deal with photography with passion! extract feeling and passion from your subjects. with the start i have seen you can’t loose! gratifiication is on it’s way…

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