does God love gays?

the rabbis don’t think so! for the past two weeks they have been wreaking havoc in the streets of jerusalem. burning, rioting, throwing bricks at policemen, blocking traffic, threatening lives – they call it protest. they call it preservation of sacred values. they ‘speak’ in the name of God. do they really?


freedom of expression, democracy, abomination, sins – words being thrown around lately. are they important words, God? are they worth lives?

do you really love gays less than rabbis?


a compromise was reached. gays would not parade but rather hold a closed rally at the hebrew university sports stadium in jerusalem. everyone claimed victory, but it was a sad event. much less participants than in previous years. less colorful. jerusalem’s secular residents held hostage by a violent gang of hooligans backed by a copyright on God.

but still they come…





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4 responses to “does God love gays?

  1. I want to write my thoughts on this subject, however, I don’t want to rush into them and somehow make an unclear thought… So

    in brief…
    Love God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength.
    Love your neighbor as yourself.


  2. Hakim

    This is my point of view.
    I’m so sure that God is right in all his words. He do loves us because we are quite pure. Someone may think it’s fake, but God NO, he’s the important! Do you know why? Simply because he loves us and will never hate us.
    Do love yourself as you are, try to help, try to cure..
    Remember to save each other whenever it’s possible.
    Worshipping him as he deserves… pray, pray and pray again till the great feeling of love and devinity.
    Sympathy, love… honesty and pardon but not war and injustice.
    May god loves us because we really do.

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  4. Have you ever wondered why sexuality is so important to religions? How come? I would suggest it has to do with control. Sex is a spiritual thing. If the religions of the planet did not seek to regulate sex, then, we would all be free to express our sexuality as we see fit. If you want to control people make them feel guilty about their sexuality.

    And oddly enough, that control is not just over gay people. It seeks control over everybody’s sexuality. There has been a big control issue over what goes into and what comes out of a woman’s vagina. How come all this control-issue stuff surrounding sex? Why bother?

    Until you refuse to allow any religion to have control over you for any issue and particularly concerning your sexuality, then you will never be free.

    As for God, you need to put up a bunch of pictures taken by the Hubble telescope of galaxies. Look carefully and wonder if all that was created by a control-freak sociopath who cares about how you have sex. Really, think about that.

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