i’ve been anxiously waiting for this for a few months. this morning it arrived! contact – the world of photography and digital media, septemer-october 2006 edition – a 4-page article with 11 photos of my project “in spite of!”

ok, so a few other projects are also covered in the same magazine. so this one didn’t bring in any income, only publicity. ok, so i only got page 44. but this is the leading photography magazine in israel! visa pour l’image 2006, the international festival of photojournalism in perpignan is covered in the same edition!

so i’m excited!

i’ve had an overwhelming year of photography! truely unblievable! i could not have anticipated the extent of success in both the creation of photography and the publicity. dorit, uri, tamar and hila,  thank you for your patience!



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  1. What a pair of intensive eyes!

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