milk and honey? where?

welcome fathers josep, raphael, and amador!

i hope it wasn’t too crowded and you weren’t pushed around near the conveyor belt waiting for your luggage. i hope customs didn’t hassle you too much. picking up the rental car at hertz wasn’t easy, was it? forms, insurances, signatures… you are about to drive to nazareth – traffic can be bad in the early evening hours. no signs in catalan on the way. i hope you make it in time for dinner.

then you’ll have a week in jerusalem. you’re staying in the christian quarter in the old city. you’ll get to know our border patrol and police. i’m afraid they don’t know catalan either. even english can be problematic. carry my cellular number with you and the telecard i gave you at all times. i won’t turn off the phone and you can always reach me if you’re in trouble.

i really don’t want to scare you but up until a few weeks ago there was a war here, i’m sure you heard about it. the hizbullah paralysed the north of our country. ahmadinejad from iran wants to develop nuclear weapons and to destroy israel completely. our president is under interrogations for sexual misconduct. our prime minister and minister of defence will soon be under the investigation of a war probe committee.

and you are here to find God, to walk in the footsteps of Jesus. to find peace and serenity in the land of milk and honey… if you do find it will you let me know where?




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6 responses to “milk and honey? where?

  1. to my friend in Jerusalem… The answer is closer than you know. I have found it and I would like to let you know.

    John 4:1-26;&version=31;


  2. nir

    dear johnathan,

    your comment left me smiling. my father has been trying to make me ‘see’ the truth since my bar-mitzvah. he knows me well and he has given up. he hasn’t given up on his son. on the contrary, we are very close. but he has given up in trying to convince me of his truths. i don’t think you stand much of a chance – that is what brought the smile.

    on the matter of the land flowing with milk and honey – this is a country of contradictions and craziness. i think even Jesus had a difficult time here, didn’t he?

    happy to hear from you my friend! so when are you planning to come over and help me find it?

  3. I’m glad to know you are smiling. It’s good to know your father and I have so much in common. Your journal entry was worded in a way in which I could not resist. Never worry, I will never give up on our friendship. However, don’t be angry as I find time to share with you the joys in my life. Yeshua included.

    As far as finding my way to Jerusalem… Believe me, as soon as I am able I will.

    I was planning on returning to Uganda, Africa next year… I’m not sure if I would have trouble in Israel with a Ugandan visa stamped in my passport. OR an Israel visa as I returned to Uganda. I remember the hostage situation between the two countries a while back.

    Even if I have to get another passport to visit Israel, I would do so.

    Keep up the good work. I enjoy your thoughts and images.

    Peace to your family.
    I am still praying for Uri. I hope he is well.

  4. Tamar

    You’re the best!

    I love you…

  5. nir

    no, you are!
    and i you!

  6. What a valid post. I enjoy reading the posts on this site and will be sure to return on a regular basis.

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