what an amazing woman!

israel’s first lady, gilah katzav, made time available yesterday to visit  “in spite of!”, my exhibition and the hostel girls!

hounded by reporters and tv crews that arrived, interrogated in relation to a police investigation into the president’s affairs, mrs. katzav bravely replied she stands behind her husband’s innocence.

after touring the exhibition, asking questions, seriously considering our replies, mrs. katzav made herself comfortable on the jerusalem theatre couches for more than a half hour conversation with the girls. she was open, friendly, caring and sincere and made the girls feel they were the most important people in the world.


in the middle of the conversation, one of the girls suddenly spoke out to the first lady “wow, you are so nice!” she said in awe. that is the sentence that more or less summarises the girls’ feelings and gratitude.





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3 responses to “what an amazing woman!

  1. What an honor. The girls must have had a wonderful time. Congratulations friend.


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