draft order number 8

last saturday, during the night, about 35,000 ‘draft order 8’ were delivered throughout the country. a draft order number 8 is an immediate call for duty. sunday morning 35,000 teachers, engineers, doctors, salesmen, mechanics, fathers, sons, brothers and husbands presented themselves at predetermined locations carrying whatever they thought they would need for a few weeks of military duty in lebanon. they also carried blessings from their families, sandwiches prepared by their wives, drawings from their children, and tears from their mothers.  

you’d think not everyone would show up. certainly some would try to get out of it. it’s not easy to leave your family, your job, your life, for who knows how long. not to mention this isn’t a free vacation in the bahamas. almost in all military reserve units 100% of those called showed up within 12 hours.

is this amazing or insanity? anywhere else in the world something like this can occur?

my brother-in-law, nitzan, was drafted last week. he’s 43 and a father to three.

last night he called, notified yael, his wife, he is ‘going in’ (lebanon) and would no longer be available on his cellphone. i sent nitzan a last minute sms; take care, kick ass, but no heroism. we don’t need a hero, we need you! the message was buffered. nitzan didn’t get it. he was already on his way.

i saw yael and their three children today. they are facing very difficult times. yael was in tears for parts of the day, terrorized with worry. i cry in my heart …




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