having lots of thoughts lately and they become consolidated into images.

thoughts about an impossible situation – the need to exterminate a terror organization called hezbollah, operating out of southern lebanon and terrorising my country and the saddening sacrifices we need to make in order to achieve this.

thoughts about michal from work, who’s son, amotz, lost nine of his friends from the golani brigade, yesterday, in a cursed village called bint-jbeil. and thoughts about ohad klauzner, one of the nine, who’s mother, also from work, couldn’t stop crying yesterday because she felt in her heart that something was wrong.


december 2004
with the toll of south-east asia tsunami victims rising by thousands every hour and images of devastation turning the stomach and saddening the heart, this photo portrays my state of mind and heart.

awarded photo of the day on steve’s digicams ( on january 8, 2005
awarded photo of the day on kodak ( and displayed in times square n.y. on february 1, 2005 

thoughts about my uri, in naval officers course, within reach of a hezbollah favorite target in the city of haifa.

uri should be home tomorrow for the weekend. i don’t sit by the window and wait for my sailor, only in my heart. but sarah did…

“sarah of dingle”

waiting by the window for her sailor to be back from sea. shot november 2003 in dingle, ireland

more of the ireland photography expedition here

perhaps a time of many thoughts is a time for blogging. not a very optimistic start, that’s for sure, but a start none the less.

welcome to “images of my thoughts”. all images are linked from my site, photography, my passion. you’re welcome to browse, read and comment.

sharing my thoughts and images with you from jerusalem, israel.

nir alon


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